11 Oct 2019

I’ve not had a personal website for a looooong time.

Hex asked me a while back to make a simple, bash based static site generator. Months later, I did as asked and made blop and, since I’d made it, I thought I should really use it.

I’ve long admired Chris Were’s site for its authenticity and simplicity. It reminds me of the sites I’d find during my early experience of the web — deeply idiosyncratic sites where real people would talk freely about whatever interests them, without the goldfish-bowl qualities of later silos like Facebook and Twitter and that.

So it’s been brewing for a while, I’d wanted my own internet house for some time and reading this post, linked on Mastodon yesterday, pushed me over the edge.

This in particular struck a chord:

the World Wide Web is this amazing thing that was literally built for everyone. We need to make sure that we are all using it to its best, and owning a piece of it to show big companies that it’s ours, not theirs!


Fuck you {Facebook, Twitter, Google}. Time to take back control of the streets web.